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Terminator 6×6 Off Road Electric Quad


Terminator 6×6 Off Road Electric Quad

The Terminator 6x6 is the latest edition to the Eco Charger range. Derived and built around the very capable Eliminator 4x4 chassis, the Terminator 6x6 offers a fully shaft driven six wheel drive system with an electronically controlled hydraulic tipping body.

The Terminator 6x6 once again is an incredibly capable off-road machine. With the huge torque offered from the military spec motor combined with the low ratio gearing, the Terminator is able to tackle steep and uneven terrain safely and effectively.

The low centre of gravity makes sure that the bike stays stable even when the trailer unit is filled to capacity over uneven terrain.

The driven trailer unit of the Terminator can be easily removed allowing the bike to be used as either a 4x4 or a 6x6 system.

With its impressive performance and carrying capacity, this bike is truly a workhorse to make your life not only easier, but cheaper during the toughest of jobs.



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