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SAM electric vehicle

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Poland, Germany, UK, USA.


SAM electric vehicle

SAM (Sustainable Automotive Mobility) is a visionary urban vehicle presenting a new approach to mobility. It bridges the gap between two-wheelers and cars, offering stability and weather protection while combining innovative technical design with ease of use.

Let yourself be carried away, become an explorer of urban space with SAM – created by designers and engineers drawing inspiration from the future and opening a new chapter in automotive design.

Sit comfortably. Turn the key. Select a destination. Drive. Feel the pleasure of driving a vehicle that takes care of both your budget and the environment.

Prices from £9,990 in UK (includes battery), €12,900 in Germany (includes battery), or $8,600 in USA (excludes battery). Used vehicles also available. Hire vehicle in Berlin at the Humboldt Box, or by arrangement in Germany/Poland.



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  • Liz

    Hey, I was wondering if it was legal to drive them on European roads and if so did you know under what provisions or certifications? Are they considered a form of motorcycle? I couldn’t find that much information about them on google. What other vehicles are they considered to be in a similar catagory with?

    • David Hoole

      Hi Liz,

      Yes it is legal to drive SAMs on European roads. The vehicle is homologated (type-approved) throughout the European Union as an L5e ‘powered tricycle’. As you surmised, this is in the same overall class as a motorcycle. These ‘L-category’ vehicles are governed by EU Regulation 168/2013. Conventional cars (M1 category) are governed differently. I can send more details about the parameters for classification if that would be useful to

      • David Hoole

        (Posted on behalf of Simon 🙂