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Eco Charger EV Dominator


Eco Charger EV Dominator

The Dominator is the first of our ‘work specific’ bikes. This 72 volt, 2wd drive bike offers the ability to change between a high and low range gear box giving this bike towing capability. The simple and effective forward/reverse switch system that all our bikes have take the need for an involved gear change away meaning reversing trailers and maneuvering our bikes is effortless. It’s as easy as a flick of a switch! With a top speed of 36mph in high range, this bike can be supplied road homologated like the ‘Sport’ and therefore can be used for commuting and general road use as well. Once its low range gear has been selected, the torque the motor offers is superb. Rough, steep terrain is taken in this bikes stride and towing small trailers is just no problem! A top speed of 16mph in low range gives the bike a comfortable towing speed. Again, the regenerative braking means descending steep hills is smooth and controlled but also helps to reduce brake pad wear. The bike comes equipped with front and rear carrying racks, ‘charge and hours indicator’, emergency stop button, high and low range gear selection and a seat with space for a passenger. With a range of around 38 miles depending on usage and severity of terrain, this bike will do the job.



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