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US$3287 1+602.574.8090

Differential transaxle Driven Googlycar is a spin on zero-emissions with an optional gas engine for hilly area run-arounds. Ultra-Light weight googly is built with Magnalium, Chromoly,…

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24.995 DKK / 3.395 EUR / 4.499 CHF / 4.300 USD +45 7199 8808

Our first cargo bike — simply called the Mk 1 – is for anyone who loves cycling. With it, we intend to challenge the perception of…

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From €1,966.00 +4531361719

Larry vs Harry present the Bullitt Designed to last With its powder-coated hardened aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes and premium components makes it one of the…

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Maxpro EcoPromo is a perfect outdoor media advertising tool designed to run mobile advertising campaigns. It's hard to find a better rickshaw that offers that much…

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from £2795

ECOTAXI is the most popular product from Maxpro stable.It's the well tested and proven design. The most popular choice among the London’s pedicab riders. The design…

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