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How will driverless cars cope with rural roads?

With driverless cars being road tested in the UK coming 2015; I started thinking how it will be able to cope with small roads with no markings. I under stand that for the time being they will be limited to a handful of cities but in the future they will be required to work on the aforementioned roads. With GPS and sensors they should be able to know where they are but in just how much detail would that be? I mean surly the GPS can’t be so detailed that it can detect when it is on the left side of the road and when there are no road markings how will it know?



Toby, thats a good question. My guess is Google is working on it, one way or another. Maybe an EVE visitor will know more than us. In the meantime, did you see this? https://transportevolved.com/2015/01/28/germany-gives-go-ahed-driverless-car-route-munich-berlin/

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