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End of Life disposal costs

As a mower manufacturer in the UK we are looking at developing a Li-Ion electric lawn mower. Our cutting technology means we could deliver almost silent mowing without an engine as a power source. We are researching the market potential for such a product and need to understand the whole life costs of ownership of a battery electric mower. We need some help in where to go to find the costs and environmental considerations of disposal of the product and/or battery at end of life. Does weee cover us in the UK. But what about our worldwide market. Can anyone help me with understanding my costs and obligations? www.allett.co.uk



You may have seen this: https://www.gov.uk/electricalwaste-producer-supplier-responsibilities/your-responsibilities


This company should be able to advise: http://www.wastecare.co.uk/recycling-collection/lithium-ion-battery-disposal-recycling/


Nice piece on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/How-to-Recycle-Lithium-ion-Batteries-/10000000177770654/g.html


Hello, firstly i am no expert on this at all! however, i have been asking myself the same question recently and reading your question made me think of an article i recently read, it went a bit like this. “The United States has one lithium battery recycling pilot plant under construction in Ohio, though there are active commercial plants in Europe” –Eric Evarts From what i understand some of these plants are in France, from what i can gather it seems that the more battery powered products we purchase then the more money will be invested in dealing with the recycling of the batteries. Following this logic the answer is to buy battery powered products! Sorry i can’t really answer your question but wanted to add my thoughts.


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