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Cargo Bikes tumbling with children

I hate to be a harbinger of regulation, but how safe is it really to have children tumbling around loose in your cargo bike whilst cycling down Stoke Newington Churth Street? I cycle down there every day and, honestly, it’s only because not many people are doing it that it’s legal, surely? And if we want to encourage more people to do something, shouldn’t it be well regulated to begin with? Should we have mandatory helmets and seats for children in cargo bikes?



Well, judging by the evidence of quite how many Dutch and Danish parents ride like that, it appears to be perfectly safe. You also seem to be in favour of mandatory helmets, but perhaps you aren’t aware that there is no reliable evidence that they reduce risk to cyclists? Nowhere with a helmet law can show any improvement in the safety of cyclists, despite well over twenty years experience from Australia and New Zealand and the biggest ever study found an increase in risk with helmet wearing. It’s worth taking a look at the evidence at cyclehelmets.org which unlike all the helmet promotion sites, actually includes all the evidence, not just cherry picking that which supports preconceived positions.


I’ve seen people cycling around with their kids on the back of bikes, and they’re wearing helmets, but fast asleep and slumping sideways on the bike with their body into the traffic. Children have a habit of sleeping as soon as they’re moving, so strapping them down securely seems obvious!


Good question Peter. Id certainly prefer to be on three wheels, rather than two, if i was transporting toddlers around.

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