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The Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

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Electric bikes are all the hype in the urban city areas nowadays. And it’s no wonder – people got tired of too many cars on the streets and are turning their heads towards more efficient and greener solutions. The pros and cons of electric bikes can be quantified in a long list of characteristics. But it will be down to you to decide which of these benefits or drawbacks apply to your situation. This is where you`ll need to objectively assess if an electric bike is a realistic solution for you. Here are the top characteristics to consider:


There are various benefits to using an electric bike and this is why they have become increasingly popular. The benefits range from comfort to health issues and it is worth considering them before deciding on the purchase.

Impact on joints

One of the interesting benefits of electric bikes comes with the lower impact on the joints. This means that even people with reduced joint mobility can use these bikes, but most importantly, they will have fewer issues while cycling for longer distances. We tend to lose joint mobility as we age as a natural process and this is why some people simply do not have the physical requirements to comfortably use a bike. An electric bike can thus represent a more comfortable alternative.

Reduced sweat

One of the main issues with bike commuters is the sweat they try to avoid. If you work with customers or simply want to present yourself at a high standard at the work place, you`ll need to find the best solution to get to work in top condition. This is why an electric bike comes with reduced fatigue and reduced sweat as a result. Even more, you`ll be glad to know that electric bikes are a top option for your daily work commute.

Harder to steal

Electric bikes come with small motors and batteries. This increases the overall weight of the bike. As a result, they will be harder to steal. Even more, some bikes are operated using a unique key and this is why these models can represent a top choice if you are worried about theft around your workplace. Although there are general precautions you can take with regards to theft, having a heavier design can certainly be a deterrent for thieves.


There are some downsides to electric bikes as well. New cyclists might worry on the weight of the bikes and their ability to take them up or down stairs. They might also worry about the reduced health benefits of the bikes. Here are the top drawbacks to consider:

Heavier design

The heavier design of the electric bikes can be seen as a benefit but also as a drawback. This is why many users express legitimate concerns about the ability to carry the bikes up or down stairs at home or in the city. Usually, you`ll have to reconcile the thought that an electric bike will be heavier to a classic alternative.


Although maintenance should not be much more complicated from regular bikes, the electric alternatives come with a motor and a battery which will need minimal care. Although in most cases this should be done once every few months, you can expect some faults with either the motor or the battery. This is when you`ll need to consider that replacing these elements will take time and you`ll need to take the bike to a specialized shop. You can read more on bike maintenance and the best range performance tips here.

Reduced cardiovascular benefits

One of the main drawbacks of electric bikes comes with the reduced cardiovascular benefits. Since cycling can be one of the recommended methods to stay in shape, it is still rather disappointing that many people don`t see a direct correlation between physical activity and weight loss for example. This means that you`ll get a reduced cardiovascular workout from an electric bike and thus fewer results in terms of health. The good news is that you can still find some benefits, especially with long term use.


Electric bikes have their own pros and cons and you`ll have to figure out which characteristics apply to your situation. While you might want to stay in good shape but also get to work on time and with no sweat, you might want to prioritize your life accordingly. The good news is that you can find good solutions to get the right balance between regular physical activity and the comfort of an electric bike. It will be up to you to make this work for your situation.

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