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Deadline 29 February; INSPIRE fundraising for “ATMOSphere, to change our air”

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Help us finance a concrete, positive and ambitious project to improve the quality of our air

There is only one week left to gather the remaining 50% of funds needed to reach the crowd-funding objective of 5,000 euros, for our web-documentary project “ATMOSphere, to change our air”. We are counting on you to take part in the funding of this project, which will highlight real-life solutions to improve the quality of our air. A contribution from each of you will help us finance the most ambitious project in the history of our non-profit organisations.

Your immediate contribution would really be appreciated.

Others are putting their trust in the project

The cost of production for the web-documentary ATMOSphere will be at least 25,000 euros. Besides crowd-funding, we are turning to various people and organisations for funding. As of today, the Patagonia group has already supported us to the tune of 4,500 euros and the Community of Communes of the Chamonix Valley is granting 5,000 euros to the project. Several local non-profit organisations and private donors are also offering generous contributions. Such displays of trust strengthen our resolve to produce a truly worthwhile web-documentary, for the benefit of all.

Please get involved.