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Electric Bikes: Transportation For The Future

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The move toward safer, cleaner, and more environmentally sustainable transportation could very well have found a soul mate in the electric bicycle — a device that combines the speed of a motor with the eco-friendliness of biking. Bikes have been around longer than cars, planes, buses, and ride-sharing apps, so why would an electric bike be the transportation of the future? Let’s explore a few reasons:

The technology is there, and it’s getting smarter.

Technology and innovation are big factors. With the advent of satellite navigation systems, rear-view cameras, and driverless vehicles, our cars, planes, trains, and buses are getting safer and smarter with each passing year. The same should apply to bicycles. With electrical assist, you can add a supplemental boost to your own pedaling power, allowing you to climb up steep hills with ease and travel large distances without breaking a sweat! While the technology involved in electric bikes is already impressive, going out and buying a new electric bike can still seem like an unwise investment. Luckily, it is possible to own an electric bike without having to buy one.

You don’t need to buy a new bike.

According to LEED Electric Bike, the components that come with electric bikes are often the same quality components that are found on your average manual bicycle. This means that owning an electric bike could be as simple as installing an electric bike conversion kit to your own regular bike, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. These kits are a much cheaper alternative to buying a new electric bike, bridging the divide between power and price. You still get to enjoy the ease and experience of owning an electric bike by simply giving new life to your old bike through a conversion kit.

Electric bikes are just as green as regular bikes.

As was reported in the Los Angeles Times, a study found that carbon emissions from electric bikes about equal to those of a conventional, non-electric bicycle. According to that same study, electric bikes are just as green as walking. As large urban areas become plagued with traffic and pollution, electric bikes may be the answer these cities are looking for. Also, as these cities move toward cleaner emission standards, many commuters will be motivated to follow and adopt a greener, more bike-friendly attitude. You can see much of this in the numerous bike sharing programs being adopted in major cities across the country, many of which aim to ease traffic and lower carbon emissions. It’s only a matter of time before consumers start to realize the environmental and commercial benefits of providing an electric assist to their typical bike ride.

Convenient for all, expensive for now.

There’s much to be said for how electric bikes benefit the environment, innovate transportation, and improve your typical biking experience. However, electric bikes still aren’t cheap. The average price for an electric bike in North America hovers around $2000, according to the Washington Post. But, don’t let that deter you! Electric bikes are a viable investment in personal health, wellness, as well as our environment. Also, as conversion kits are breathing new life into old rides, the technology is becoming more affordable and accessible, indicating that local governments and small businesses may start adopting more bike-friendly policies. So, make your next ride an electric bike, and experience the future of transportation!


Author Bio: Jeff Johnson is a freelance blogger with a background in sustainable urban transportation. When he’s not hard at work, Jeff likes to spend his time outdoors hiking, camping, or riding his electric bike through the city streets.