Welcome to EVE. The Eco Vehicle Exchange.

EVE – the Eco Vehicle Exchange

EVE Concept

– A hub for eco vehicle sales and knowledge transfer, catalysing the market for more eco-friendly vehicles.

– Reducing emissions around the world, one vehicle at a time. So we can all breathe better.

– Open to everyone, serving everyone, benefitting everyone; individuals, innovative start-ups, small businesses, major manufacturers, big corporates, voluntary, not-for-profit and government organisations.

– Making greener transport and low-emission vehicles more accessible.

– Encouraging better, greener product development in a competitive market.

Let’s keep moving – the greener way

EVE Values

EVE does not encourage excessive use of any vehicles, and advocates careful, considered use only (other than of pedal-powered transport, which has obvious health benefits for most people when done safely).

We recognise the manufacture of any vehicle uses valuable natural resources and man-made materials, and the use of any powered vehicle is depleting energy resources (wherever and however they may be generated) that could be used for other purposes.

EVE specifically campaigns to increase the safety on our roads, especially for cyclists and pedestrians, who are injured or killed far to often by larger vehicles. EVE supports all evidence-based traffic calming initiatives, and encourages all drivers to optimise speeds for maximum energy efficiency and everyone’s safety.

While the need for transport can and should be minimised, some transport remains essential – and other transport and vehicle use desirable, even fun, in our interconnected world.

EVE believes the use, efficient exchange, and reuse of greener vehicles should be encouraged to maximise efficiency and minimise the depletion of global resources.

EVE is a for-profit company. We believe profit is a stimulus for entrepreneurs and creativity. We accept advertising from companies who we believe share our objectives and values.

We provide forums where our beliefs can be challenged and debated.

We enjoy learning through discussion, and we expect our beliefs and values to evolve. We certainly believe in evolution, progress and technological advancement through innovation. We prefer evidence and data over opinion, whilst we recognise belief and faith can be great motivators. We are probably capable of holding contradictory beliefs at any one time, and we are certainly capable of hypocrisy.

EVE Mission

We have only three objectives; to reduce emissions, to increase efficiency, and to increase safety for all on our roads.

EVE Vision:

Efficiency Safety Diversity Utility

... and a little bit of fun

If you don't want cleaner air, what do you want?
David Hoole - Eco Vehicle Exchange
David Hoole

I'm a neuroscientist by degree, with 20 years experience in science publishing (most recently as Marketing Director at Nature Publishing Group). I've always been a keen cyclist, skier, and snowboarder. I really want us all to breathe better air, and enjoy safer roads, because I PERSONALLY want to breathe better air, and feel safer on our roads. Recently I've spent a lot of time in the Chamonix valley, and I'm appalled at the smog there, caused by a combination of too many cars in the valley, and lorries passing through the Mont Blanc tunnel. So now I'm developing EVE (Eco Vehicle Exchange), a hub for eco vehicle sales and knowledge transfer, aiming to catalyse the market for more eco-friendly vehicles; 'reducing emissions, increasing safety, one vehicle at a time'. You can follow me on Twitter @DavidHoole25